Services targeted specifically for schools and academies


Our services

Blue Fox Systems provide a range of services to primary, secondary and specialist schools across the South London and Kent regions.

  • Every day of the week our staff are in a multitude of schools, ranging in size, funding, religion, staffing and equipment, because we know not all schools are the same we offer different levels of involvement depending on I.T. strengths and weaknesses.

    We provide services ranging from supplying a projector bulb through to the planning and installation of a computer suite or whole school network and everything else in-between.

    Maintenance and support comes in the form of Curriculum Network Support, our technicians provide onsite and remote support to ensure school networks and equipment are always working correctly.

    Our Admin Network Support service ensures the school admin network runs smoothly and efficiently continuously, with our technicians also overseeing all backup and security procedures.

    In addition to our technical services we are also able to offer a full consultancy service to schools, providing guidance and support with the development of computing as a core subject and its use as a cross-curricular tool including subject and schemes of work planning.

    Training for staff is readily available from one to one tuition to whole staff INSET training, we are also able to assist in the planning and preparation for the attainment of the ICT Mark.

“There is always the same technician at the same school allowing a relationship to be formed with the staff, we feel that it is important for staff to feel comfortable coming to their school technician with any queries or technical requirements. Not only does the technician then know the school fully and precisely, the students also see the technician as a regular member of staff.”

Our core services


Ensuring that technology can grow and develop in line with teaching within your school. More info


Assisting staff to plan and implement the future growth of IT within your school. More info


Fully trained technicians that can complete onsite repairs and upgrades promptly. More info


Our technicians are fully trained to support and install a range of interactive products. More info

Other services


Our admin network support service allows us to provide both proactive and reactive technical support to school offices, ranging from support with MIS issues through to data backup and management. More info

Backup Solutions

Having regular and secure backups of crucial data is vital within a school environment, that’s why we are able to help, advise and implement a solution tailored to your requirements. More info


Blue Fox Systems provide cabling solutions for a whole range of purposes and solutions ranging from video and audio to data and electrical, from single rooms to whole school rebuilds/extensions. More info


Not only do we supply IT equipment but we also supply and install security cameras and recording equipment to help prevent the loss of property and to assist in safeguarding staff and pupils. More info

Digital Signage

Communication is key with both parents and pupils alike, Blue Fox Systems are able to supply, install and maintain a whole range of digital signage systems from one screen through to multi site, multi screen systems. More info

Equipment Procurement

Whether it is a replacement projector bulb or replacing a cabinet full of laptops, we are highly experienced in the school procurement process. We can quote, supply and deliver equipment with next day delivery. More info


With the speed that technology and equipment changes in the classroom its vital that staff are kept up to speed. We can provide 1:1 through to whole school INSET. More info


When it comes to wireless connectivity we have been installing provisions in schools since the technology first came to the market. More info