Curriculum Network Support

Pencils stuck in printer mechanisms, not so interactive whiteboards and blown projector bulbs are all part and parcel of a school curriculum network and that’s why schools really do require a good support system to ensure that equipment remains working, teachers can teach and pupils can learn.

  • We created our curriculum network support service to ensure that technology can grow and develop in line with teaching within the school.

    Our technicians are in schools every day managing curriculum networks not only as sole technical contacts but also assisting schools with in-house technical staff who require additional support.

    Our sophisticated service desk software (Vixen) allows school staff to log support cases anywhere with a simple email. The technician knows their task list before arriving on-site, any parts that may be needed can be brought along with them and when the support case is finished the member of school staff gets an email to tell them, efficient, we think so!

  • Included within our curriculum network support services are unlimited telephone support and emergency call outs (ideal for those faulty projector situations before a lesson observation) with the added option of allowing us remote access to your servers and workstations.

    All our schools are different and have varying amounts of support time per week, we don’t dictate packages or boxes for schools to fit into, we build custom solutions.

    Support time can be used for any purpose whether whole school equipment needs to be upgraded or staff need training on a particular piece of software.

“Schools can choose the amount of on-site hours required on a weekly or monthly basis which is then used on days convenient for your school and carried out by highly qualified technicians which are fully insured and enhanced DBS checked”