Whiteboard & projector solutions

Blue Fox Systems technicians are fully trained to supply and install a range of Interactive Whiteboards, including SMART and Promethean boards.

  • All Interactive whiteboard and projector installations completed by Blue Fox Systems are subject to a full site inspection prior to work commencing to allow our installation team to know fully any specialists requirements before they attend , this allows us to complete the installation process fully without the need for further visits. In the same measure we aren’t happy until you are happy and therefore we also have a post inspection before handing over to you.

  • We know after several years of installing boards and projectors that not all rooms are the same and not all requirements are the same, therefore we welcome your enquires for any specialist installation that we could undertake for you, we have access to a range of mounts and solutions to allow us to complete installations in all manner of locations which previously may have been thought of as unsuitable.

The recent introduction of Ultra Short Throw projectors to the market has allowed installations to be completed in locations which previously were not possible, mainly due to building constraints.

  • Previously certain building characteristics proved troublesome for installing ceiling mounted projectors, UST projectors allow for fitting to be completed on a range of wall structures without the need for projectors to be mounted so highly, allowing several advantages including ease of maintenance as well as reduced installation costs.

  • Conventional LCD projectors have meant that teachers standing in front of the board create a shadow, diminishing the viewable screen area for pupils; UST Projectors greatly reduce the shadow due to their close mounting to the board.

“Our installation team are fully briefed on asbestos procedures and trained in health and safety precautions to ensure a safe and thorough install is accomplished.”