When it comes to wireless connectivity we have been installing provisions in schools since the technology first came to the market.

  • With the introduction of wireless connectivity it has opened up a whole plethora of possibilities for interactive teaching within schools and that’s why we have actively promoted the use of such equipment.

  • Schools don’t require a full time ICT Suite like they used to and can now use banks of laptops which can be used ad hoc for cross curricular learning or in class sets for structured ICT lessons.

Wireless is a very specialist field when it comes to a large area such as a school building therefore the process we go through starts with a full site survey, taking in details regarding areas that require connectivity, how many users, existing systems and budget constraints before putting forward a full proposal based on our findings, of a system that will suit your requirements fully.

Installation takes place using high quality equipment from one of our specialist manufacturer partners and is then fully tested before being handed over to the school.

“The knock on effects of such equipment has meant that schools can use computers in areas of the school building that they were previously unable to.