provide support to schools but cant offer all the services?


Outsource to Us

Not only do we provide support directly to schools but we are also able to provide additional services on behalf of other support companies.

  • We were once a smaller company without the resources to be able to provide the whole range of services we do now and so we know what it feels like to want to provide a one stop solution to your schools.

    We are able to provide a full range of support and installation services to your schools on your behalf; whether it is providing emergency cover for a support issue that has cropped up that you cant deal with at the right moment through to whole school network design and implementation.

  • Our in house installation team are fully qualified to be able to provide the whole range of installations listed throughout the site on your behalf, taking instruction from you and building an on going relationship.

    We are also able to provide a white label service with non branded vehicles and uniform to allow us to provide the service under your company name, your schools wont even know you sub contacted the work out (if thats what you wish).

“Fully qualified Promethean and SMART installation technicians at your disposal are just part of our outsourcing service”